I've been leading a team for the last few years. It's important to meet as a group each morning to kick off the day. But, it's hard to come up with material five times a week. With the EP Huddle, I have a daily guide to helpful tools and provocative discussions.
Think of us as YOUR inside sales team
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What is the EP Sales Huddle?

We don't have a sales team yet. As the founder, my main focus is to perfect my product and get out and develop business for my company. I'm not a sales person. The EP Huddle helps give me ideas and quick tips to better my skills.
Sales Manager
Startup Founder

Morning meetings (or huddles) are important for sales and marketing teams because they get us energized, provide us with the opportunity to discuss key issues and strategies, and start off the day with a focused vision.

But, planning quality talking points and discussions are difficult. Sales managers are really busy people and they often don't plan new content every morning by 9am.

  • Don't have a sales department yet? Sign-up now for the EP Huddle and start getting tips for how to generate business and structure your sales process.
  • Have a sales team, but want to grow? Sign-up now for the EP Huddle and start getting tips to help your team start each day properly.
Sales Execution
Digital Marketing

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